Octo is a mobile application that was designed during Winter Quarter 2015 as a final project for an upper-level undergraduate course in User Experience Design at the University of Washington. Under the guidance of Katie Derthick and Saba Kawas, we went through the design process, creating various deliverables as a result of online research, user research, design activities, and quick evaluation techniques.

Problem Statement: Roommates are frustrated. Conflicts arise because users have inadequate tools to manage money, communicate payments, and organize payment history that would help them meet their goal of living harmoniously.

Vision Statement: Octo’s design will help users avoid conflicts by allowing them to manage money, communicate payments, and organize payment history with minimal effort, and without miscalculations, arguments, and misunderstandings that they currently experience. This will dramatically improve users’ lifestyles and lead to a happier living situation.

Team Members

Stephanie Grose
Geraldine Ragsac
Brian Vergara
Jennifer Wong

Artifacts Created for this Project

Research Findings
Polished Personas
Individual Design Sketches
Group Design Sketches
Paper Prototype
Paper Prototype Quick Evaluation Findings
Annotated Wireframes
High-Fidelity Screens